Winter has arrived, bringing with it a shift in the seasonal landscape and a need to reassess the nutritional requirements of our livestock. As the frosty mornings greet us and the dryness prevails, it is time to readjust our management strategies and evaluate the availability of feed resources.

The winter season presents both challenges and opportunities for our herds. The cool air and occasional frost create a perfect ambiance, requiring us to adapt our practices to support the health and vitality of our livestock. With each change of season, we must ensure that we meet their nutritional needs to maintain their well-being and productivity.

As the grass growth has now halted and natural resources are set until rain brings new growth, it is an important time to balance nutrition, ground cover and productivity.

Winter at Knudsen Cattle is a season of reflection and preparation for the new season. It is at this time of year we can witness our herds resilience and adaptability and their innate ability to navigate through harsh conditions reminds us of our responsibility to provide the care they deserve.