Our Vision & Values

Producing beef with integrity for more than 20 years

Our Vision Statement

Knudsen Cattle is dedicated to fostering excellence, progress and innovation through honouring our people, our environment, our community and our future.


Our Values

For our Vision to become a reality, we value:

1. Strong Connections

We seek to understand each other and commit to being proactive in strengthening, protecting and repairing all of our relationships to create a healthy culture inside and out of Knudsen Cattle

2. Growth

We believe it is important to be continually improving and are committed to providing opportunities for individuals and Knudsen Cattle to reach their potential

3. Leadership

We expect all of Knudsen Cattle’s team to show initiative, take ownership of their actions and responsibilities and lead by example


Darcy & Kara Knudsen
PO Box 1039
QLD 4350

Phone: 07 4305 6010


Knudsen Cattle is a breeding and trading operation based in Queensland.
The breeding herd has a strong Santa Gertrudis base infused with Shorthorn. Genetics are selected through the use of tools such as the breed plan, morphology and structural soundness evaluations. 

Knudsen Cattle strives for innovation to stay ahead of the curve.