Producing beef with integrity for more than 20 years

They say “Home is where the heart is” and Rosehall is that place for us.

The Auburn River makes up 25 km of our boundary and eventually flows into the Burnett and out into the sea at Bundaberg. As we believe in the importance of biodiversity and water quality, over 15km of the river on our property is fenced off to ensure that the stocks movement does not interfere with keeping the land as regenerative as possible.

Weaners that are trucked to Rosehall are educated to ensure they are easier to handle and techniques are implemented to ensure lower stress levels during their transition.



Darcy & Kara Knudsen
PO Box 1039
QLD 4350

Phone: 07 4305 6010


Knudsen Cattle is a breeding and trading operation based in Queensland.
The breeding herd has a strong Santa Gertrudis base infused with Shorthorn. Genetics are selected through the use of tools such as the breed plan, morphology and structural soundness evaluations. 

Knudsen Cattle strives for innovation to stay ahead of the curve.