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Caring for the land pays!

As Knudsen Cattle is a part of an extensive pastoral industry, the environment and biodiversity are significant factors impacting how we maintain our livestock management practices. To get this right, we constantly observe our land and make judgements on what it needs to thrive. We do not apply fertilizer, engage almost no farming techniques, and we encourage diverse native pastures.

It is vital to maintain soil health and ground cover. Ground cover helps to mitigate moisture loss and loss of topsoil during the wet season. Good healthy ground cover also responds much quicker to a rain event. Some of the ways we do this are:

Spelling pasture: Cattle are taken from a paddock for a minimum period of 6 weeks after rain. This process allows the grass to thicken and native grasses to reseed and maintain an extensive root base.

Fire: Much of our native pasture responds well to fire. We burn in a mosaic pattern, generally on alternate years and depending on rainfall. Fire is an integral part of a native grasses’ life cycle. Fire also helps with weed mitigation and woody weed control.

Fencing to land type: Similar land types are fenced together to ensure better grazing, with much of the 24 km of Auburn River frontage fenced off from stock. This initiative improves water quality and increased biodiversity in the river system.

Stocking rates: Stocking rates are calculated using mapping technology and a complex combination of calculating area, distance from water, land type and condition of land.

In summary, we know that land in excellent health is twice as profitable as land in moderate condition. So not only does it feel good, but it pays to care for our land.


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Knudsen Cattle is a breeding and trading operation based in Queensland.
The breeding herd has a strong Santa Gertrudis base infused with Shorthorn. Genetics are selected through the use of tools such as the breed plan, morphology and structural soundness evaluations. 

Knudsen Cattle strives for innovation to stay ahead of the curve.