So you are off on an adventure of a lifetime! A gap year perhaps, a decision to leave your current occupation in search of the outback. Or maybe you already know that this is the life for you. Whatever the case, this is the time of year that new starters in the industry head off for the start of the season, and youth and enthusiasm abound.

If you’re on the road … safe travels! We wish you all the success and opportunity that agriculture can deliver.

Here are our top 5 tips for starting the season right:
1.   Don’t be the crash test dummy. If it doesn’t look like a good idea it probably isn’t!
2.   Don’t upset the cook. Clean up after yourself, help out where needed and use good table manners. Small gestures go a long way.
3.   Keep your quarters and yourself ship shape. If you’re assigned equipment, look after it. It’s the first thing the manager will notice.
4.   Look after your teammates. Many of them are about to become lifelong friends.
5.   Go to work prepared. Keep your water bottle full and a notebook and pen in your pocket. A good quality pocket knife is a handy addition to your kit that will you will use often.