At this time of the year, the chilly mornings are being replaced with an eager sun, getting up earlier each morning to meet the new day. This year the wattle in vibrant yellows on the range heading into Chinchilla is the first to let us know that Spring is just around the corner. 

Spring brings with it the anticipation of the wet season, which this year has come early with winter being unusually wet. A third la Nina perhaps?  Early burning is the task of the day, to breathe new life into the native grasses, the birds are making the most of the blackened earth feasting on grubs and insects. Around the farm, Spring is the perfect time to have a good clean-out and set things right before the busy time of branding and mustering towards the end of the year. Cows are heavy in calf and babes are just around the corner. 

While global issues are never far from our doorstep we are watching closely the FMD issues and how they will affect us. While it is mostly business as usual, it’s a great time of year to brush off those biosecurity manuals, review their content, train staff and raise awareness of the threats to Biosecurity here in Australia