The ever-changing and climatic conditions of Australia are some of the most variable on a global scale and the contrasting colours on our farms at the moment is highlighting that mother nature holds all the cards. The Northern Aggregation has been blessed with a solid wet season and is looking fantastic.

1200km’s away at Rosehall, the water taps have been turned off since the week before Christmas. However, it’s a jolt and a call to action! We must be prepared and ready to adapt to our crazy climate. The groundwork for the next “worst” season started ages ago:  keeping cows in good order, taking the bulls out, and repairing water infrastructure that will help during any drought times.

During the end of February, we started weaning calves. We did this a few months earlier than usual, as it will reduce the stress on lactating cows and allow them to maintain condition through winter and until the next likely rain. Rather than live in hope of rain, we are always preparing and planning for early intervention. We are checking the grass and stocking rates at regular intervals and plan to reduce numbers in the event of a hard season.