Our Practices


Caring for the land pays!

At Knudsen Cattle the environment and biodiversity is an important factor in how we manage our livestock. In order to get this right we are constantly observing our land and making judgements on what it needs. We are an extensive pastoral industry, we do not apply fertilizer, almost no farming techniques have been engaged and we have almost all native pastures.

It is very important to maintain soil health, and ground cover, ground cover helps to mitigate moisture loss and loss of topsoil in the wet season, good healthy ground cover also responds much quicker to a rain event. Some of the ways we do this are

  • Spelling pasture
    Cattle are taken from a paddock, usually for a minimum period of 6 weeks after rain, this allows the grass to thicken, native grasses to reseed and maintain an extensive root base.
  • Fire
    Much of our native pasture responds well to fire, we burn in a mosaic pattern, generally on alternate years, and depending on rainfall. Fire is important part of a native grasses life cycle. Fire also helps with weed mitigation and woody weed control.
  • Fencing to land type
    Similar land types are fenced together to ensure better grazing, almost all of the 24km of Auburn River frontage is fenced off from stock, this improves water quality and increased biodiversity in the river system.
  • Stocking rates
    Stocking rates are calculated using mapping technology, and a complex combination of calculating area, distance from water, land type and condition of land.

In summary we know that land in excellent condition is twice as profitable as land in moderate condition. So not only does it feel good, it pays to care for our land.


No agricultural business can operate without great staff, they work long hours, often in hot and dusty conditions in remote areas for what sometimes seems for very little, their love for the lifestyle and the outback.

KnudsenCattle invest in educating and training of staff members, and encourage them to participate in a wide range of community activities, and as part of our commitment, staff are given time to volunteer during work hours to various causes. This helps small communities who are always short on volunteers, and also it is invaluable to our staff to feel the self-worth that comes with volunteering.

Quality accomadation is supplied with most positions, and flexible hours are also valued highly by employees.

It is with great pride that many of our staff leave to further their career as a result of the encouragement, training and mentoring they have received during their time with us.