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Posted by on Jul 29, 2013


I know I’ve missed a few countries, and with time I will get back to them. Just wanted to touch base with reality, find my feet and get some traction.

As Jack dances around the office, to the newly discovered app ‘spotify’, I reflect on my time spent away from home, and collect my thoughts. I have come to have a deep appreciation of ‘home’, Australia and freedom to come and go as I please.

Six people for six weeks, six different countries, 45,000 kilometres flying, 20 something flights, met great people all faced with different challenges, all joined by the same challenges. What defines those that have conquered is their attitude, to failure, to success to opportunity, to innovation.

Never did they ask ‘why something can’t be done, but what it would it look like if we could do it.’ Every obstacle created a new challenge a new opportunity, every failure created their success.

In Australia we have been given tremendous opportunity, a democratic society with a strong judicial system. We have significant resources in agriculture, mining, tourism and intellectual property. We should not forget that. There are literally billions of people wondering where their next meal will come from, how they can afford an education for their children, that struggle against fraud, political unrest, communism, inequality of sex, race or religion.

As Australians, we are not insulated from what happens around the globe, far from it, the saying Indonesia sneezes and we catch a cold, has not been lost on me. It is important that we strengthen ties outside our own comfort zone. We need to focus on opening up trade opportunities not only for our commodities but also for our intellect, farmers here can really make huge differences in global food production if they were to partner with other countries less fortunate than ourselves. Collaboration between countries is now more important than ever.

I have no doubt after travelling through places such as India and the Ukraine, where production can be lifted immensely, through modern farming practices, that we can feed our global population, we can even produce most of what society wants to maintain a good lifestyle, plastics, bioproducts, biofuels and renewable energy. The Indians are coming at a fast rate, their youth are highly educated and have a strong work ethic and drive. But I am not sure they are going to get there fast enough, without collaboration agriculture in countries like India and the Ukraine are going to be seen wanting in the short term.

This represents tremendous opportunities for Australian farmers and businesses to find partners in these developing countries.

Oh and I almost forgot while I was away we got a new 2nd hand PM back, some things have changed but I can’t say that we are any better off.

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