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Home – There’s no greater place.

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Home, I know I’ve missed a few countries, and with time I will get back to them. Just wanted to touch base with reality, find my feet and get some traction. As Jack dances around the office, to the newly discovered app ‘spotify’, I reflect on my time spent away from home, and collect my thoughts. I have come to have a deep appreciation of ‘home’, Australia and freedom to come and go as I please. Six people for six weeks, six different countries, 45,000 kilometres flying, 20 something flights, met great people all faced with different challenges, all joined by...

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Qatar Live exports

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Qatar Live Export of Australian Sheep and Cattle. Many people asked me before I am embarked on my round the world trip of agriculture, what I was likely to see, by far the most asked about issues was ‘will you see any live export?’. This is partly because I am a beef producer and I have a vested interest in the success of live export for our business, so it seemed a logical progression for them that I would be interested in live export, it also brought home to me the value that producers put on the live export market, and their hopes and fears about what is really happening...

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South India

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India Our arrival in Chennai was uneventful, but as soon as you walk out of the airport India hits you in the face. A sea of faces meets you at the gate and the chaos of traffic is tame compared to what awaits you when you finally get going. Horns honking everywhere, passing and turning at will, it seems to the untrained eye sheer insanity, close shaves aside there is method in the madness, and somehow there are very little accidents, at that point, if it wasn’t for seeing our Aussie guide Mark Jackson, I would have turned around and got on the next plane back. It seemed insurmountable...

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Two days ago I flew into Canberra to share a couple of hectic days with 15 of my Nuffield contemporaries, there is always a flurry of activity, plenty of heavy discussion and lots of problem solving going on when we come together for the common good of agriculture. The last two days have been no different with a wide variety of guest speakers, tours and drilling into our own behaviours and reflection on what and why we are who we are. We took in the sites of Canberra, in true Nuffield style fast and furious, starting early on Thursday at Mount Ainslee and a foggy view of Parliament House and...

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The Learning Continues

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Monday 19th March I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Jim and Dianne Snyder last week at the Nuffield CSC, we were introduced by Blake Vince (Canadian Nuffield Scholar 2013), and so it was that we sat together and shared dinner. As a true farming family Jim proceeded to invite us out to his place at Walkerton, Ontario about an hour and half North of Guelph. Ontario, for the most part has shown no sign of letting go of winter and bursting into spring, rather it has snowed every day this week. My fascination with snow lasted a few days, and has promptly ended, bring on the sunshine. I can...

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Bioproducts and Beans

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Monday and Tuesday have seen us hear from some amazing farming leaders of Canada, what an innovative and inspiring bunch. My mind has been buzzing with the opportunities and ideas that have come from the conference. Today we saw what was happening with potential and real bioproducts. Everything from the foam that is in our car seats (currently being made from 20% soybean oil), plastic bottles, recycled bale wrapper and greenhouse sheeting which is ground down and made into a polymer which essentially glues together a perennial native North American Switch Grass into a particle board. The...

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