Our Business


Rosehall, Mundubbera

Our business consists of our home property, Rosehall, near Mundubbera, Queensland, where we breed Santa Gertrudis cattle. The country is good forest country with excellent native pastures and our male progeny are agisted on a weight gain basis elsewhere or sold as stores. Our females are heavily culled on performance, and we have strict calf or carcass rules that apply to our herd.

The Auburn River makes up 24km of our boundary and eventually flows into the Burnett and out into the sea at Bundaberg. Over 15km of the river on our property is fenced off and stock are excluded, as we believe that this will enhance biodiversity and water quality.

Genetics for our business are sourced from three main Santa Gertrudis studs, Gyranda, Greenup-Eidsvold Station, and Rosevale. In our breeding operation Fixed Time Artificial Insemination has been used extensively to improve the herd’s genetics. Bulls are tested annually and non-performing breeders are culled.

Elton Downs, Hughenden

Elton Downs consists of 82,000 acres of Mitchell/Flinders downs country, most of which flows into the Lake Eyre Basin, a small area flows into the Gulf of Carpentaria.

This property relies on the monsoonal and cyclonic activity often dubbed the wet season, for this reason and its geographical location (close to available cattle) means it is ideally situated as a trading operation, with some breeders. Cattle are usually sourced from further north in the Gulf, and onsold eventually to feedlots and grass fed fattening operations further south, closer to markets. Elton Downs is managed by 3 committed staff members.


While we place considerable value on the importance of genetics we understand that the business of cattle and land is about balancing nutrition, grazing land management and genetics for a sustainable and long-term outcome. We see innovation, new technologies and our staff as key areas of investment of our time and finances, in order to keep ahead of the reducing term of trade in Australia and increasing costs of production.