Nuffield Scholarship

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Kara Knudsen is one of 18 Australian farmers to be awarded a prestigious Nuffield Scholarship for 2013. Nuffield Scholarships give opportunities for farmers from Australia and other countries to travel globally, researching and collaborating with other innovative farmers. Nuffield is well known for producing industry leaders.

Personal Study

Accelerating genetic progression in BosIndicus derived beef herdsprofile Kara
My scholarship has been sponsored by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). MLA recognises for the beef industry to remain sustainable it must continue to be innovative and foster the developmentof future leaders in the agriculture industry.

I intend to study method by which genetic progression can be accelerated, through the use of fixed time A.I., embryo transfer techniques, and how certain methods used overseas can be adopted in the North Australian beef herds, which have a dominant BosIndicus base. The study will be particularly looking at large-scale operations and the feasibility of uptake by northern cattle stations.

Other areas that are of interest in order to increase reproductive performance are ultrasonography techniques, IVF and using drugs to increase oestrus in lactating cows. During my personal study overseas I intend to visit countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Ireland and Wales and the United States.

Global Focus Tour

All scholars are expected to complete a six week global focus tour with other scholars from Australia and other countries such as New Zealand and Canada. This is to ensure that upon completion of the Nuffield experience, scholars have a truly global outlook on agriculture.

During 2013 I will be heading to India, Qatar, Ukraine, Turkey, France and Washington DC, USA. The focus tour will visit farms and agricultural businesses from all areas of food, fibre and even renewable energy production. This gives the scholar an experience outside of their area of expertise.

In March 2013 all new scholars will also travel to Toronto, Canada, where they will attend the Nuffield Contemporary Scholars Conference. Scholars are expected to report back to Nuffield and their sponsors on their findings and to taketheir knowledge out into Australian agriculture.

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